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HIPAA, CCPA, & GDPR compliant software protects your private healthcare information

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Customized dosing protocols with integrated dosing guidance and emergency action plan.

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Manage dosing from the palm of your hand on any iOS or Android mobile device

The Essential Tool to Make Food Allergy Treatment Safer and Easier

After a decade of helping my patients overcome their allergies with food allergen desensitization, I realized that the time was right for a digital solution to the issue of keeping track of daily doses. Some patients kept notebooks, others spreadsheets. Some kept track of their doses by scribbling on looseleaf paper, while others didn't log their doses at all. We needed a uniform and straightforward solution to this common problem, so in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the idea for the Food Allergy Fix Mobile App was born. 

I didn't want to just create a mobile dose log, though. Knowing that it isn't always easy to remember to dose each day, we added push notifications and dose reminders. I wanted to integrate personalized food allergen desensitization protocols into the app, so patients know exactly the right dose to take. I knew from years of experience that many dose-related reactions are due to dosing on an empty stomach, not being hydrated and rested while dosing, or failing to adjust dosing in the context of illness. So, we added a pre-dose checklist to ensure the dosing environment is safe, as well as real-time feedback on how to dose in the event of illness. In the event of a reaction, I wanted patients to get the same advice they would get from their allergist, instantly. So, we added a customizable, symptom-specific emergency action plan, linked to the patient's own medication doses. I wanted to make the allergist's job easier, too. So, we created a web portal that links to the mobile app, where allergists can receive updates on all their patients in real-time, view color-coded dosing calendars to see at a glance how their patients are doing, and analyze practice data to help optimize treatment protocols. Finally, I wanted to ensure the safety and security of user's protected health information. So, we worked with industry experts to ensure the App and Web Portal meet standards for HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR.


In other words, I wanted my app to do ALL THE THINGS. Our team made it happen.

It took over a year of designing, developing, and testing... but the result is a comprehensive and secure digital dosing record and safety optimization tool for food allergen desensitization.


The Food Allergy Fix Mobile App is available for download on iOS and Android, and the Web Portal is available for Board-Certified Allergists in the USA and abroad! We hope you love it as much as we have loved creating it for you.


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