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only $15.99
The Food Allergy Fix

An Integrative and Evidence-Based Approach to Food Allergen Desensitization

“The way the book details everything is informative and encouraging. We went into our allergist appointment armed with information about OIT... The doctor was impressed we had so much knowledge from this book. ”

Emma, food allergy parent

International best-seller!


Explains cutting-edge science


Conversational & easy to understand


Clear discussion of risks & benefits


Holistic approach to allergy treatment

only $13.99

A Story about Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) for Food Allergies

“The author does a superb job of depicting the process of oral immunotherapy through a race car that is allergic to the fuel that makes him go! It is very cleverly written and even has an excellent discussion guide at the end.”

Adnan, health care professional

Relatable story for young kids


Explains food desensitization simply


Beautifully illustrated


Discussion guide included


Great way to prepare a child for OIT

the OIT cook book (1).png
only $29.99
Coming Soon!
The OIT Cookbook

Recipes and Tips to Incorporate Food Allergens Into Your Family Meals

“I can't wait for this book to be published! It can be easy to overdo the sugar when trying to add food allergens into the diet - a cookbook with more nutritious options will be so helpful.”

Mary, food allergy parent

Creative solutions for picky eaters


Organized by food allergen


Taste-tested by OIT graduates


Reviewed by a registered dietician


Full nutrition information included

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