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Eating should be fun, not cause for fear. But for children with food allergies, the condition transforms even simple pleasures like parties and picnics into dangerous minefields. Instead of resigning themselves to a lifetime of avoidance and exclusion, food allergy sufferers can now take action and embrace the promise of desensitization therapy. 

only $15.99

An eye-opening guide to understanding food allergies from a holistic perpective


Integrative treatment approach incorporates cutting-edge immunology & evidence-based complementary remedies


Empowers families to take control of food allergies

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"Your child has a life-threatening food allergy. Avoid it at all costs. Here's some autoinjectable epinephrine. See me in a year."
If this conversation is familiar,
you need to read this book.
There is another path for children with food allergies- one that replaces isolation and fear with healing and hope.

"This book is an excellent overview not only of the OIT process and the science behind it, but of food allergies in general and related issues such as gut health. There are precious few resources on the science of allergy written for a lay audience, and this book is valuable for that reason alone."


"This book will be helpful to so many patients and their families who are searching for a better solution for their food allergies! It combines education about the science of allergies and immunology with real-life case studies showing how Dr. Bajowala has helped all kinds of patients with her thoughtful, compassionate and holistic approach to OIT. I’m going to tell all of my allergy friends about this book."


"This booked changed our family's life! Gaining a better understanding of the science of food allergies and the science of desensitization gave us the courage and confidence to pursue desensitization. Today, thanks to the empowerment gained by this book, our toddler with a life-threatening peanut allergy is now a kindergartner who eats a handful of peanut m&ms every day! We no longer live in fear of an accidental exposure or cross contamination."


What the Book Covers
Table of Contents


The Background: Food Allergies and Desensitization

  1. Why do food allergies develop?

  2. What is desensitization?

  3. How does desensitization work?

The Foreground: Your Journey In Desensitization

  1. Your first appointment

  2. The follow-up and treatment planning

  3. Maximizing treatment

  4. Implementing immunotherapy


Further Reading and Resources


About the Author

Book Overview

In The Food Allergy Fix, board-certified allergist and immunologist Dr. Sakina Bajowala discusses how allergies can be managed through sublingual and oral immunotherapy, which retrains overactive immune systems through the precise administration of foods. Combining rich history and current scientific research, Dr. Bajowala arms parents and patients with the tools they need to begin working with a trained immunologist and walks readers through her innovative and holistic treatment process.

1  Real science and evidence

Food allergen desensitization has been supported by high-quality, peer-reviewed science.

2  Complementary medical disciplines

The safety and success of food allergen desensitization can be optimized by incorporating a holistic approach to wellness. Nutrition, sleep, exercise, and mindfulness combine with ancient and modern medicine to achieve the best results.

 Practical guidance

Get a clear understanding of what to expect before, during, and after food allergen desensitization - from how to prepare for your first appointment, to how long daily dosing with the food allergen will be required.

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